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Happy Amigurumi Club [Founding members]

Happy Amigurumi Club [Founding members]

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Happy Amigurumi Club is open for founding members! (4-12th May)

As a founding member you'll be helping to create the community by answering questions and poll in a private Facebook group.

The Happy Amigurumi Club is searching for founding members that would be interested in helping to create the community by answering questions and polls inside a private Facebook group.
This is what I've planned for the Happy Amigurumi Club so far:
⭐ 1 new amigurumi pattern per month
 An online community
 A monthly live stream
 4 mystery crochet alongs per year
This idea is still rough around the edges and I'm very open to changing things up. A lot is yet to be decided like…
- Where should the community be hosted? 
(Facebook, Discord or something else) 
- Should we invite guest designers?
- Should we have monthly assembling parties?
- Should we do challenges?
- Should we do crochet alongs?
I'd love for you to be a part of the creation of this inspiring amigurumi community that will help you (and me) grab that hook and weave in those ends regularly. Which will boost our creativity, decrease our stress levels and in the long run make us happier crocheters.
If this sounds interesting for you I hope you'd join me as a founding member. 

Join me today as a founding member and your price will be 4.90$/month.
So even when we do roll this out to the general public at the higher price, you’ll have locked in the founding member price.
The goal is to officially launch on the 3rd of July.

I'm working on a private Facebook group for founding members where we can chat and plan everything together. I'll send you the link after you've signed up!
I'm also working on a new amigurumi pattern for you that will be available for founding members later in May. I'm so excited to share this new design with you and bring you on this journey! We'll have so much fun!
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