Amigurumi design LAB (online course)

The ultimate course for designing, creating, and writing your own amigurumi patterns.

Amigurumi design LAB is the only course of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to transform a 2D drawing into a 3D amigurumi - but how to find your unique style and how to write clear amigurumi patterns that you confidently can share with the world.

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Before I tell you about this creative course, let’s talk about who this is really for…

  • You’ve been thinking about taking your amigurumi hobby to the next level.
  • You’re dreaming about designing your own amigurumi but feel confused and don't know where to start.
  • You’re already designing amigurumi but feel like your designs aren't unique enough and want to refine your style.

Whether you’re….

  • A crocheting mother that wants to bring her kids ideas into life
  • An amigurumi lover that wants to challenge yourself
  • A creative spirit with a lot of ideas that want to take action

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Amigurumi design LAB will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to designing and creating your unique amigurumi.

By the end of this program, you’ll have:

  • Started the journey of discovering your amigurumi style (instead of spending yet another year thinking your ideas are not unique enough)
  • Designed your first own unique amigurumi
  • Transformed your 2D idea into a 3D amigurumi
  • Learned the ins and outs of crocheting 3D shapes
  • Written a clear and easy-to-follow crochet pattern that you can confidently share with the world.

Take a peek inside the course

Module #1

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you - I know exactly where most students get stuck in the designing process. In this module, we’re going to get the inspiration flowing even if you have zero ideas and feel super uncreative.


>> Discover your source of inspiration. This step will serve as the sparks that eventually become a full-blown bonfire on the beach (aka your future unique amigurumi design).

Module #2

In this module, we’re going to transfer our ideas from our brilliant minds onto paper and design our unique amigurumi. Don’t think your design is unique enough? Not after this module!


>> How to choose your amigurumi style. This will help you stand out from the crowd...

>> How to design a unique amigurumi with confidence. Not only will this step motivate you into action, but it’ll also eliminate the dreaded wavering and second-guessing that often sets in if you skip this step.

Module #3

To transform something 2D into 3D is an advanced skill and can be very scary. In this module, we’re going to transform our 2D drawing into a 3D amigurumi. You’ll get the ultimate toolbox for crocheting different shapes and how to combine them into the perfect amigurumi! There’s no reason to keep those ideas in the locker anymore!


>> Learn how to transform a 2D skiss into 3D amigurumi. This is the fun part, my friends!

>> Learn how to crochet different 3D shapes and discover the math behind certain shapes so you don't need to invent the wheel over and over again.

Module #4

Writing and sharing your amigurumi pattern can feel very scary. What if you subconsciously have copied someone else's pattern? What if the pattern is confusing and hard to understand? And what thehookis pattern testing? In this module, we’re going to cover copyright, how to write a clear amigurumi pattern, and how to test your pattern - So that you can share your pattern confidently with the world!


>> Discover the most important things about copyrightto eliminate any fear of sharing it with the world.

>> Write down the pattern and take step-by-step pictures to create a clear and easy-to-follow amigurumi pattern.

>> Learn how to test your pattern and the benefits of pattern testing so that you can release your pattern with confidence.

Discord chat

This is a supportive Discord chat (inside the Happy Amigurumi Club) with fellow students and alumnis and me to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

>> A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other amigurumi lovers who “get” the journey and are there to help you cross that finish line.

When you enroll in this course, you’ll get:

Amigurumi design course (A 500$ Value)

  • 4 implementation modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to design, crochet, and write down your unique amigurumi pattern.
  • A complete step-by-step plan on how to transform your 2D drawing into a 3D amigurumi.
  • Tools to get your inspiration flowing when you have zero ideas in your head.
  • Knowledge about copyright and how to avoid the most common design mistakes so that you can publish your pattern with confidence

+ BONUSES (A 150$ Value)

  • Pattern templates to make the pattern writing a piece of cake.
  • Pinterest templates for marketing your patterns like a pro.
  • 3 months inside the Happy Amigurumi Club
  • Amigurumi Photo Workshop
  • 3X Pinterest Templates

    10 Canva templates designed for creative Pinterest boards to effectively promote and showcase your amigurumi patterns. Each template is optimized at 800x1200px, ensuring a visually appealing and professional display for your patterns.

    Read more 
  • 3X Pattern Template Pack

    3 customizable pattern templates for Canva.

    Introducing the Pattern Template Pack - the ultimate tool for amigurumi crochet designers and designers to be. With these Canva templates, writing stunning digital patterns has never been easier.

    Read more 
  • 3 Months of Happy Amigurumi Club

    The Happy Amigurumi Club is a positive and inspiring community for amigurumi makers who like to crochet and discover new amigurumi designs together with other like-minded people.

    Inside the club you'll get access to the monthly Crochet & Chat live streams where you can ask me any questions as well as a private Discord chat, an exclusive pattern library, free patterns, crochet alongs and more.

    Read more 
  • Amigurumi Photo Workshop

    In this photo workshop you'll learn how to take professional-looking pictures to use in your amigurumi patterns and for marketing.

    This workshop is exclusive for Amigurumi Design LAB students.

  • Zsanett


    I really enjoyed the Amigurumi Design Course, it was very inspiring and made it easy to design my very first amigurumi after crocheting for years. I had never felt brave enough to create my own pattern, but with Veronica's course, I had no option but to start creating! :)

  • Dorien


    I would recommend this course to every amigurumi lover who wants to learn more about designing your own amigurumi.

    Getting inspired, turning your sketches into a 3D character, shaping and crocheting your amigurumi, how to write a pattern, taking pictures and editing, marketing, … all aspects are covered in this complete course. And you can always count on the help and extra feedback from Veronica when needed.

  • Aljuscia


    I love this course!!! It helps me so much to understand how a unique amigurumi is created and how much work there is to make it from the beginning. All the lessons were easy to understand and I like so much the exercises. Also the FB lives and the FB group were very helpful. Veronica is really super!!!

  • Zsuzsanna


    It was wonderful and totally inspiring for me. I would never ever have had the courage to start designing on my own without Veronica's help! 😍

  • Janene


    I found this course to be very helpful and setting me up for success. I really needed to see some templates and just have all the information I need in one location. Instead of having to hunt down for information in sorts of places. Thank you again for having courses!

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Ready to take the next step?

I personally cannot wait to guide you though everything I know about amigurumi design!

Designing amigurumi patterns has given me so much joy and an extra passive income and I can't wait to share my tips and tricks with you!

If you’re a crocheter with a passion for amigurumi you owe it to yourself to take a plunge to see what your life as an amigurumi designer looks like.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this course will completely change your creative life.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Amigurumi Design LAB.

All my best, Veronica Lönnqvist

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