Hi, I'm Veronica!

I'm a craft teacher and a crochet toy designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I love to crochet goofy characters in colorful yarns and with happy eyes.

I have always loved being creative and trying out new techniques and crafts. When I was 13 my mum showed me a pattern for a crocheted pig. At that point, I had never heard about amigurumi. I crocheted my first amigurumi pig in 2007. It was wonky and honestly quite ugly but from that day I’ve been hooked.

For me, crocheting amigurumi is not only a way to express my creativity but a way to relax and calm down and at the same time give me a break from doom scrolling social media.

My mission is to help and inspire beginner crocheters to become confident amigurumi makers. Whether you are looking for fun and easy-to-follow amigurumi patterns or an inspiring and positive community, you're in the right place!