• Octo-Puss the Alien

    Designed by Kristy Prashanth, Hey Freya Crochet @hey_freya_crochet

  • Alien invasion

    Designed by Jean, Jean Crochets @jeancrochets

  • Gizmo

    Design by Nichole Roghair, Poppet Moon Crochet, @poppetmooncrochet

  • James Webb Telescope

    Designed by Jess R, Woolly Jessie @fishdolphinif

  • Telescope

    Designed by Diana Limpens, Vaemkes @vaemkes

  • Moon Dragon

    Designed by Jessica, MakingThingsKnotty @MakingThingsKnotty

  • Armstrong the Moonlight Driver

    Designed by Anastasia, Crochebay @crochebay

  • Milo the Moon

    Designed by Cydnee, CrochetWizzard @crochetwizzard

  • Shooting Star

    Designed by Emma McFarlane, EmmaCraftsDesign @EmmaCraftsDesign

  • Starla the Alien

    Designed by Jessica, Creaturecovecrochet @creaturecovecrochet

  • Plum the alien

    Designed by Linn Wegemo, @linnwegemo

  • Ursa the Teeny Tiny Tardigrade

    Designed by Deb Ward, Hookanory @hookanory

  • Saturn

    Designed by Jakub Pilarski, Pracownia Blask @pracowniablask

  • Piggynaute

    Designed by Laurie-Anne Parant, Patawaf @patawaf

  • Catum

    Designed by Sarah Leese, Crocreate @crocreate

  • Galaxy Cat

    Designed by Sage, Little Seal Designs @littlesealdesigns

  • Ziggy the UFO

    Designed by Melissa Kam, M by Melissa Kam @melissakam22

  • Rocket

    Designed by Ying, Day Dreaming Maker @daydreaming_maker

  • Laika Space Dog

    Designed by Katherine Fowler, Freddy Goat LLC @freddy_goat_crochet

  • Supernova

    Designed by Tsui-Sie Baker-Wong @tsuisie.wong


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