I STAND WITH YOU | support and free pattern

I STAND WITH YOU | support and free pattern

I stand with you! Against racism! Together we have the power to learn and bring out a change!

I've been trying to figure out what I should say, or what I should do, but I realised that the best thing for me to do right now is to listen, learn and support and I will continue to do so.
Down below I've listed some amazing talented black crochet designers. Please feel free to tag your favourites in the comments or if you are a black crochet designer yourself, leave your Instagram page and I will share them on my Instagram story.
Together we will make a difference! ❤❤❤ (Scroll down to find the crochet pattern.)

TL Yarn Crafts
Designs by Key Website - http://www.dbykey.com/
Talia crochet creations Website - https://www.taliacrochetcreations.com/
Cosmic crochet creations
Creatively created crochet
The dream crochet
Ac crochets
Instagram -



Yarn: ex. BC Garn Alba 50g = 160 m
Crochet hook: ex. 3 mm
Tapestry needle


r = row, st = stitch, ch = chain stitch, sc = single crochet,


- The wall art is crocheted from the right to the left. Start by crocheting 41 ch. Follow the colour changes in the graph. The with you text is embroidered with chain stitches (or surface crocheted) afterwards.
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