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CHOCOLATE COCONUT BALLS | Free crochet pattern

It's time for a new free crochet pattern! Crocheted chocolate coconut balls! A quick and easy beginner friendly cookie (?) that kids (and I) love! Perfect for the play kitchen or as decorations in your real one! If you haven't tasted these Nordic sweets I highly recommend you to make the real ones too. You'll find both the free crochet pattern and the recipe for the chocolate coconut balls here below.

- Yarn: Brown and white scrap yarn from your stash or something environmental friendly. The coconut chocolate ball is crocheted with two yarns held together. (ex. BC Garn Alba 50g = 160 m, 6g in total)
- Crochet hook: a size that works with both yarns when crocheted together. (ex. 4.5 mm)
- Stuffing
- Stitch marker (optional): This might help you to keep track of where your row starts and ends.
r = row, st = stitch, sl st = slip stitch, ch = chain stitch, sc = single crochet, inc = increase, dec = decrease



▪ The chocolate ball is crocheted in a spiral with two yarns together at the same time. (Brown and white)
r 1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the second ch from the hook. (6) = magic circle
r 2: [inc]x6. (12)
r 3: [sc, inc]x6. (18)
r 4: [2 sc, inc]x6. (24)
r 5-6: 24 sc. (24)
r 7: [2 sc, dec]x6. (18)
r 8: [sc, dec]x6. (12)
▪ Stuff the coconut chocolate ball.
r 9: [dec]x6. (6)
▪ Cut off the yarn and fasten the ends.
Here you'll find a recipe for the coconut chokolate balls.
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