crochet tiny easter egg free pattern

TINY EASTER EGG | Free crochet pattern

Easter is here! And so is also all the colorful Easter crochet projects! But what do you do with all the yarn scraps from all your projects? Well you crochet these cute eggs of course! In this blog post you'll find a free crochet patter for this tiny cute Easter eggs. Happy crocheting!

crochet tiny easter egg free pattern

 crochet tiny easter egg free pattern

This Easter egg crochet pattern is super quick and easy and a great way to use up your yarn scraps! You can hang them everywhere in the house or why not hide them and host an egg hunt!


MATERIAL: scrap yarn, crochet hook that works with your yarn, stuffing, scissors and a needle.
ABBREVIATIONS: ch = chain stitch, sc = single crochet, inc = increase, dec = decrease

I've made a video tutorial for each stitch. Click on the name of the stitch to go to the Youtube tutorial.

Here you'll find the video tutorial for how to make the egg.

crochet tiny easter egg free pattern

- The tiny Easter eggs are crocheted in spiral.
r 1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the second chain from the hook. = magic circle (6)
r 2: [1 sc, inc]x3. (9)
r 3: [2 sc, inc]x3. (12)
r 4: [2 sc, inc]x4. (16)
r 5: [3 sc, inc]x4. (20)
r 6: [4 sc, inc]x4. (24)
r 7-10: 24 sc. (24)
r 11: [2 sc, dec]x6. (18)
r 12: [1 sc, dec]x6. (12)

- Stuff the egg

r 13: [dec]x6. (6)

- Cut of the thread and fasten the threads.
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