crochet basket free pattern

CROCHET BASKET | Free crochet pattern

In this blog post you'll find a quick and super easy free pattern for a crocheted basket. Have you never crocheted before or is the technique relatively new for you? Then this pattern is the perfect one to start with! And baskets are so handy, you just can’t have enough of them! You can crochet the basket Ingrid in the original size or adapt the size to your own needs. Happy crocheting!

crochet basket free pattern


Material: Minimop a thick cotton yarn made out of recycled cotton by Lankava or any other thick yarn that you have at home, crochet hook in size 6 (mm), scissors and a needle Stitches you need to know: ch = chain stitch, sc = single crochet, inc = increase
You can find video tutorials for all theses crochet stitches on my Youtube channel . Click here to go to my Youtube channel.


crochet basket free pattern

- The crocheted basket Ingrid is crochet in spiral.

r 1: 2 ch, 8 sc in the second stitch from the hook. = magic circle (8)
r 2: [inc]x8. (16)
r 3: [1 sc, inc]x8. (24)
r 4: [2 sc, inc]x8. (32)
r 5: [3 sc, inc]x8. (40)
r 6: [4 sc, inc]x8. (48)

r 7: [5 sc, inc]x8. (56)

- If you want to make the crochet basket bigger, just continue to increase 8 stitches per row until you have the desired width (diameter) on your basket.

r 8-22: 56 sc. (56) - If you want to make the basket taller just continue to crochet one sc in each stitch until you have the desired height of your basket.

- Cut of the thread and fasten the threads. Fold over the edge.

crochet basket free pattern
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