mystery amigurumi crochet along

AUGUST CAL 2020 | Assembling (spoilers!)

Here you'll find a check list that will help you assemble your Klara amigurumi. You'll also find a helpful YouTube video where I show you how I assembled my Klara. Happy sewing! ;)

mystery amigurumi crochet along


1. Stuff the body.
2. Stuff the head.
3. Attach the head to the body. (The last r of the head and the last r of the body has the same number of stiches, so the parts should line up nicely.)
4. Pin the arms into place (r 35) and sew them onto the body.

5. Pin the nose into place and sew it onto the head.
6. Pin the eyes into place and sew them onto the head.
7. Pin the ears into place and sew them onto the head.
8. Embroider a black nose onto the nose.
9. Pin the tail into place and attach it to the back of the body.

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